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Artistic capabilities and analytical approach found the realization in an advertising sphere. Within 18 years I have advanced from an illustrator to the Director/VFX Producer/Supervisor. He had begun his career at the end of the 90s as CG artist. Steven had worked in different studios as a 3D artist, 2D motion designer, Video Composer and a VFX Supervisor for more than 18 years.

Use this link to download all video files in good quality from my Mega Cloud

Since 2000 a shooting stage has become an inalienable part of his life. Projects became more difficult, required supervision during all stages of production.  In these years he got valuable experience of co-operation with the different departments of production, dealt with many production studios.

In 2005 Steven shot his first commercial as Director.  Since then his reel has been filling up with new works, and geography of projects has become wider.  Within recent 11 years he has filmed dozens of complex VFX projects - among them complex in terms of engineering and staging underwater projects; a range of musical clips and corporate content.

The film academy in LA allowed moving him to the next stage of working with actors. Among Steven’s works, there are many videos of children and charismatic characters. Similarly, for the last years, he has managed to collaborate with many known people from a show business in Europe and US.

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